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I can host you in Berlin, Belgium
guakasite, wikitalk hitching in New England taken by Amylin, September 2007
Playing guitar at the beach in Nelson, New Zealand.

guaka, or Kasper Souren, is one of the administrators of this wiki. He moved the wiki from to Wikia, since over there it was being spammed all the time. And then, on November 24 2006, to, together with MrTweek.

He was born in Nuth, Netherlands, but lived in Paris, Mali, hitchhiked through Europe and South America for a long time, and worked a bit in Lima, Peru; Montreal, Quebec, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, from Thailand to Hong Kong and in Europe. Lived in Trento, Italy since July 2007, and as of January 2008 in Amsterdam. In October 2008 he hitched from Amsterdam to Jerusalem through Turkey, Syria and Jordan.

Guaka is or has been also active on many Wikipedias (he founded the Bambara and the Fulfulde Wikipedia) and on Wikitravel. And he has worked on many online projects, but is definitely his favorite, because of:

  • the free license,
  • the convivial atmosphere,
  • the ideal mix between ad-hoc and democratic decisions,
  • the steady stream of activity and constant growth (yearly doubling!),
  • the different languages (since 2007)
  • the clear objective and
  • the inherent qualities of the project

See also why we work on Hitchwiki.

His main home in cyberspace can be found at He works on many different websites, from selling furniture to living with much less or no money at all and of course many other wikis. Some of his code is available at

Hitchhiking experience

see also my log

Hitching to Nelson, New Zealand on my 30th birthday

Professional activity

Since 2008 I work as an [[:guaka:consultancy|independent free software consultant], mostly with Drupal, also some CiviCRM and MediaWiki (e.g. for Wikimini), mainly with NGOs but also for businesses (such as my family's teak furniture business).

As of 2016 I'm focused on building a fintech company, B2B Pay.

Random stuff

Esteban: "U have a wiki about how not to pay busses? I tought I was stingy dude, but obviously there's always someone in the world who can cleary exceed your capabilities".


Longest rides:

  • On the 14th of June 2007 Amylin and I had a ride from Piacenza to Cologne, and the St. Gotthard tunnel was actually closed, so it was probably more than 1000 km :)

The shortest wait, well, that happened a lot, when your holding a sign when you get out of a car at a gas station on the highway and friendly people notice that.

My longest wait was in Argentina where I gave up after 18 hours.

amylin and me with a friendly Chinese policeman

Driving for my drivers

  • In 2005 or so, getting out of Paris, after being dropped at a really bad spot I started walking on the highway in the hot sun and after half an hour I was picked up by a guy moving from his stuff from Paris to somewhere south from Toulouse. He let me drive his car for 2 hours.
  • In June 2008, hitching from Amsterdam to Avignon, I managed to get to a busy gas station in Luxemburg at around 22:00 and found a ride straight to my destination. The car's dashboard was not working, I wasn't convinced of the driver's driving style and after an hour or so, and asking about my driving license, he offered me the steering wheel. I drove all the way to Avignon.
  • In August 2008, hitching from Berlin to Trento an Italian at a gas station close to Munich was a bit tired. He had dinner there and I showed him my driving license and I drove all the way to Trento through the pouring rain.

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