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[[Image:MarkuspetzFinSauna.jpg|thumb|350px|right|Sitting outside a Sauna in Rautalampi 2006]]
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Markus has been hitch hiking in Europe since he was at school, but seriously the last five years.
Markus is interested in the promotion of alternative lifestyles with a lower environmental impact. He is a Green-black Anarchist, but does interact with various organizations, including Green Parties and has stood for election on their platforms.  
Markus is a Citoyen du Monde and has lived an worked in Europe and the USA.
You can see some of his thoughts at
( "markuspetz" on Couchsurfing.com , "markuspetz" on hospitalityclub.org )
He took part, as a hitch-hiker, in the first [[Eurizons|Eurizons]] Tour for Global Responsibility.

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