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Lat 61.498023, Lon 23.764859

Near Tampere in Finland. 31.5.2009
Paldiski, Estonia - 06/2007

Terve! (hello in finnish) My name is Mikael Korpela - I'm a hitchhiker from Tampere, Finland. I'm also a graphic designer and web-developer. I'm behind the finnish edition of Hitchwiki.


Summer 2009: 4-8 week hitchhiking trip from Finland to Poland and Germany. Want to meet me on the road? Travel with me? Invite me for a dinner!? :-D Just email me.


I've traveled & hitchhiked a lot in Finland and once in Estonia.


Anything you want to know about Finland, maybe you are coming to hichhike here?

  • Email:
  • Skype: korpela.mikael
  • MSN-messenger:
  • Jabber/google talk:
  • IRC-net: simison (#liftari @ IRCnet and #hitchhiking @ Freenode)

I can speak English and Finnish.


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