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Roving Snails are Boris (Bulgaria) and Marta (Spain). We have been travelling since we remember, Boris hitchhiking across Europe since 17, Marta living abroad and travelling solo since 18. We have been on the road together since the day we met, 3 years ago.

We are currently travelling east looking for an overland route from Bulgaria to India through the labyrinths of Asia. We are trying to determine if the subcontinent is indeed on Earth or in a pararel universe. There is a small chance we'll make it, if it's the road's will.

You can follow updates or contact us for any questions at / or in / facebook

Travel experience

"Mission Asia" - after one year hitchhiking from Bulgaria towards India we have reached China...there is a long way to go!

Winter travels. On our way East, we spent a full winter on the road, through Anatolia and the Caucasus. We made it to Cappadocia under the snow and to Svaneti over ice.

Travelling through the lands of the Midnight sun. Crossing the Arctic Circle with the sun ahead and the moon behind, after 8 days of non-stop hitchhiking transit through Europe.

Moroccan travels. We hitched out of the boiling Saharan dunes, huddled in the refrigarator of a yoghurt truck - North African sauna.

Europe feels home. We have crossed our continent in all directions.

Pirates in the UK. We survived England for a year on a traveller's budget. Opened our own squat, just to be promoted to property guardians of the very place we occupied where we lived dumpster diving and getting ready for Asia. It was in England that hitchhiked a boat for the first time, in the narrow channels to Wales.

Bulgarian foraging. We have hitched around Bulgaria and have walked out of our city (Sofia) in all possible directions, searching for the magic of herbs and hiking hidden paths to unexpected places.