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Log of my trips

I want here to log all my trips, to count kilometrage :)



July 6. Kaunas - Klaipeda via Kelme. 4h. 246km. It was three of us, so we happily went not straight to Klaipeda. July 6 - 11. By foot via baltic seaside Klaipeda - Liepaja 101km. But it doesn't count :)
July 13. Liepaja - Ventspils 6h. 118km. Road wasn't very crowded...
July 14. Ventspils - Riga via Jelgava. 6h. 217km. Drivers said, why don't you go to Jelgava. With friend we thought - Why not :) But later our girl called from Riga, because she was lucky enough to get straight to Riga, and said: Come here quickly, there is free rock concert, so we HH to Riga.
July 17. Riga - Liepaja. 8h. 215km. It was really hard getting out of city.
July 18. Liepaja - Klaipeda. 6h. 101km. Even it was summer, there weren't lot of cars.
July 28 - 29. Gyvoliai(Near Mazeikiai) - Vilnius and back. 9h to each side 277km (~556km). It was Saturday, and I was HH to opposite direction, than cars were going (weekend - everybody go out of city).
August 23. Alytus - Bubliai via Ziezmariai 4h. 68km That was awful...

TOTAL: 1521km


September 8. Vilnius - 20km from Panevezys Riga way. 3h. 162km. Was quite fast. Only with two cars.
September 14. Vilnius - Klaipeda 3h. 311km. That was really really fast
September 16 Klaipeda - Vilnius 7h. 311km. Was really really hard.
October 6. Kaunas - Vilnius. 1h 30 min. 100km. Saturday.
October 10. Vilnius - Klaipeda. 5h. 311km. It was wednesday, and a surprise to my mother, who opened an exhibition.
October 11. Klaipeda - Vilnius. 6h. 311km. Wasn't very bad.
October 12. Vilnius - Kaunas. 1h. 100km. Friday.
October 13. Kaunas - Rumsiskes. 15min. 17km. Saturday.
October 14. Rumsiskes - Vilnius. 1h. 80km. Sunday.
October 20. Vilnius - 20km from Panevezys Riga way. 5h. 162km.
October 21. Rumsiskes - Vilnius. 3h. 80km. Sunday.

For now: 1945km.