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[[Image:2784057735 eedd051bbf.jpg|thumb|230px|right|Calling Calling]]
[[Image:2784057735 eedd051bbf.jpg|thumb|230px|right|Calling Calling]]
*I'm a french hitch-hicker from [[St Dyé-sur-Loire]] near from [[Blois]] in the center of the [[France]]. I began to hitchhike at the age of 16 because there was no bus to go to school, next I found this way preety cool and continue in France. In 2004, I got a car and of course I began to take hitchhikers but sometimes due to the too boring atmosphere when they wasn't hitch-hikers, I just leave the car on the border to continue hitch-hiking... Now I just continue to search a way to find myself on the road of Europe (Bulgaria - Serbia - Roumania - Slovenia - Hungaria - Croatia - Danmark) and Africa (Maroc - Mauritania- SeneGal), Australia...
==Movie Editor and Cameraman==
* After my studies of audiovisual & cinema, I got some jobs in that profession, some weddings, some theater event.
* Then employed to make institutions movies, security movies for the firms.
Firm system was difficult to accept for me, so we create the association "La Sophiste" with my friend Helios to organise events and produce some movies.
* Next I directed a workshop to make movies with childrens from the suburb.
Themes were about society reactions like violence, raping, homeless, money, politics...
* In summer 2008, I found a way to travel with my equipement by hitchhiking : the [[888 project]]. With Martin Bosserup, a danish producer, we were the team number 4 of the documentary project. Martin was hitch-hicking in a suit while I was shooting his beautiful danish smile. It was a really nice meeting of hitch-hickers and also a very good experience for all.
==Hosting Place==
[[Image:Coucher de soleil.jpg|thumb|240px|right|Sunset in islands of the Loire]]
*I can host you in [[France]] without problems in a nice small village on the Loire, the last wild french river, this place is named [[St Dyé-sur-Loire]] and have some beautiful island.  [http://www28.mappy.com/sid7NjJp1mkJuzMn21w/cFGM?recherche=0&posl=poi&show_poi=0&show_iti=0&poix=0&poiy=0&poi_rr=0.5&poi_rx=0.6&poi_ry=0.5&csl=poi&fsl=m2&gsl=m2&msl=m2&temp_no_prop=0&comment=&xsl=plan&out=2&lr=0.5&force_radius=&wcm2=&nom2=&tcm2=&a10m2=&xm2=&ym2=&wnm2=&tnm2=St+Dy%C3%A9-sur-Loire+&pcm2=&scm2=&ccm2=250&com2=EU&x=0&y=0 See the map] [http://www.saint-dye-sur-loire.com/ Web Site]
*contact me at any time
**+33 6 58 07 46 46 / [email protected]
[[Category:Hitchhikers in France]]
[[Category:Hitchhikers in France]]
* Our association "La Sophiste", organise events and produce movies
you can see the website [http://www.lasophiste.com here]

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Calling Calling