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I promoted you to administrator, so that I don't have to patrol your changes. ;) On Group Rights you can see what more you can do. Prinoblog, talk 19:03, 27 March 2016 (CEST)

I need your help


Can you promote me back to burocrat/admin/etc. The (self-censored) (self-censored) running this site don't seem to give a shit about the hordes of spammers ruining it, and have blocked me as I used to pro-actively block spammers, and on very rare occasions, usually reset quickly, blocked real people who happen to select "idiot" usernames. Hell, I cannot even edit my own page anymore, I no longer live full-time in Oostende, and that reference needs to go urgently as both my address there (in a phone) and house keys, and about eur 1000 more of clothes, a TomTom, an iPad and lots of wedding gifts for friends that we would take for the family of the groom from Lithuania to Spain, have been stolen from our car in Italy.

Thanks, Robert