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Finland Rideshare link

I removed the rideshare site link added to Finland not because it was not "valid", but because it was the only edit that the user had made -- he seems to have signed up solely to promote this site. On many wikis, to avoid rewarding linkspamming, it is customary to revert the addition of external links when they are the poster's first and sole contribution. CRCulver (talk) 14:01, 14 January 2013 (CET)

Yup yup, understood that. Sometimes it's good to check out the site itself if it has also english version. This time the only edit user had done was good edit. ;-) In future if you find any weird looking language that might be Finnish, ping me too. -Mikael (talk) 14:12, 14 January 2013 (CET)

Talk history

Tip: It's more convenient to "move" the page so that the history is kept with the page itself... You could still do that if you think it's worth it :) guaka (talk) 18:02, 14 January 2013 (CET)