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Valmiera is a city in Latvia.

Hitching out

South/West towards Riga, Sigulda

You'll be hitching from Rigas Iela (Rigas Street) towards Riga. There are two options here:

  • Take the local bus from the bus station in town to the last bus stop along Rigas Iela
  • Or walk to the last bus stop along Rigas Iela in the direction of Riga.

Either way, this is the place to hitch. Lamar328 got a lift within 5 minutes while holding a sign.

Towards Sigulda

If hitching to Sigulda, same steps as for Riga, but get off at Ragana and hitch to Sigulda from there.

For both locations, do not bother attempting to hitch any closer from in Valmiera than this last bus stop, as Lamar328 did... and it wasted over an hour of their time.