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Van is a city in Turkey. It's located in eastern Anatolia, quite close to Iran and Iraq. It's the unofficial capital of the eastern part of the Kurdish region, and also houses a large amount of Armenians.

Hitching out

Because Van is so far off the beaten track, and not many Turks go there because of the Kurdish conflict, people here are very friendly towards visitors (especially westeners). Hitching out and around the area won't be a problem at all.

Accommodation and Sleep

There aren't any hostels, but several cheap hotels. When you bargain properly, you van get the price down to about 25 lira a night (12.5 euro).

  • Note that the people from Van are very friendly towards travellers, so camping in a park is also an option. Even the police is generally interested in where you are from etc.

Other useful info

User:MaxHermens found the population of Van mostly consisting of Muslims, but appearing very western. There weren't many headscarfs and young people (both genders) seemed very outgoing.