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Flag of Poland
Coat of arms of Masovian (Voivodeship).png
Masovian (Voivodeship)
Population: 1 709 781
Licence plate: WA, WB, WD, WE, WF, WH, WI,


Major roads: A 2S8, S2, S79
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Warsaw (Polish: Warszawa) is the capital and largest city of Poland.

You can cross city very fast by using public transport. Check public transport lines at bus and tram stations.

Hitching Out

West towards Łódź, Poznań, Berlin, (Germany) A2 S2 92

Option #1: S8 onramp (busstop) Warszawa-Powązkowska

Take bus 103, 122, 180, 186 or 409 and get off at Gen. Maczka (Note: bus stops only on request here!). Hitch right from the bus stop where bus 186 in final direction Szczęśliwice stops. Holding a sign A2 makes the difference to get the ride out. The S8 starts here and eventually changes into the A2 to Łódź. Streetview here.

Next bigger rest stop on the A2 highway is in Biskupice - MOP Brwinów Południe.

Option #2: A2 highway service station MOP Brwinów Południe / Mcdonalds

(Opposite side of higway are some lakes. Search maps for Wake Family Brwinów)

Ride a train to railway station Brwinów. When you walk down the stairs of the platform turn right and walk direction north. The road is first called Rynek, later Biskupica, and the road number is 720. Keep following it until you pass the A2 with a tunnel, then take the first road left and follow it until the service station. The distance to walk is about 3.5 km.Google maps link here

Or bus 743 from Cmentarz Wolski till Wolica Plochocina end stop and than walk to Biskupice 5 km (look a bus stop list some buses goes to other final stop)

Or hitchike road 92 from Tesco Warsawa Bemowo till Święcice and walk to Biskupice 8 km

Option #3: S8 onramp Warszawa Zachód

This option involves the least walking and is quite close to the city centre and the western districts. To get there you have two different possibilities:

#1:Take the tram 8, 10, 26 direction Os. Górczewska and get off at Ciepłownia Wola. There you can get in the bus 713 and get off at Mory (The first stop on public transport zone 2 (strefa II)). Walk back around 200m in the direction your bus came from, until the on-ramp of the A2 snd hitchike there

#2: Especially during rush hour, there is a faster way to get to the on-ramp at the A2: Take the KM3 train in direction of Łowicz or Sochaczew (sometimes only going to Błonie) and get of at the station Gołąbki. From the pedestrian crossing over the tracks you can already spot the highway's noise barrier to the north-west. Follow the road on the northern side of the train station to the north, turn right at the next crossing and the road should lead you through an under-bridge under the highway after a couple of minutes. After, you cross the road and arrive at the on-ramp described under #1. The whole walk is around 1,5km.

You can take the trains from platform #3 at Warszawa Śródmieście which is next to the Central Station, but not the same! It is more East of the Central Station and South to the Palace of Culture and Science. Have a look at the timetables and different stations from where to take the trains on the website, since they run often just one or two times in an hour. Tickets cost probably a few zlotys, make sure you buy one before entering the train (alternatively you can buy one in the train in the first car).

Option #4: S2 bus stop on the entry to bypass from southern part of the city

Take the bus from metro station Wilanowska to the stop Żołny (lines 319, 709, 715, 727, 739). Then go back a bit to the direction you arrived under the overpass and turn left. There is a place where a lot of the southern inhabitants of Warsaw go to A2. There is an unused bus stop on the highway entrance. There is enough space to stop a truck. The drivers will come around the bend, but if you stay at the end of the bus stop they will go slow enough and they will have much time to see you and stop. It is a great place to catch direct car to Łódź, to Poznań or even Gdańsk you can change on the service station (MOP) Nowosady (there are Burger King and Shell gas station), if the driver comes to Łódź and you want to go west or north it is important to left before A1 and A2 junction.

Option #5: National road 92 slower option'

If you wish to take the old main road DK92 (not advisable if you want to travel fast...) you can use a place which takes a bit more time to reach:

Take the KM3 train in direction of Łowicz or Sochaczew and get out at Ożarów Mazowiecki.

When you get out at the station in Ożarów Mazowiecki (make sure you keep an eye out for the correct station, Ożarów Mazowiecki only has one sign at the end of the station) just leave the station to the right (facing away from Warsaw) and follow Marii Konopnickiej Street until you reach a bigger street, Poznańska (about 500m). Another few hundred meters to the East you will find a bus stop with plenty of space to stop (it's across the street from the church). It's just one lane, cars are going quite slow and you avoid a great deal of local traffic out of Warsaw. Even though this is the old main road to the West and some drivers (especially trucks) take it to avoid the highway fees, it will probably take longer than using the highway.

South towards Radom, Kielce, Kraków 7 E 77

Get tram 7, 9, 35 from the city centre e.g Aleje Jerozolimskie, Warszawa Centralna (Main Train Station), Centrum (Warsaw Metro station) going in the direction of P+R Aleja Krakowska and get off at the last stop. Then, take bus 707, 728, 807 (not 715) to Janki, or bus N88, 706 or 807 to Plac Szwedzki (a stop near Janki and in front of an IKEA store) and walk back to the stop Janki.

From the stop Janki, note that the road splits. The road going east (left) is national road 7 (E77) where you can hitch towards Kielce, Radom and Kraków. Using a large sign can be very effective.

Southwest towards Wrocław 8 E 67, Łódź 72, Katowice 1 E 75

Note: As of November 2015, the S8 express road towards Piotrków Trybunalski is under reconstruction. Drivers going to Łódź, will most probably prefer the A2 highway to Poznań (see above). The old hitch-hiking spot at Janki doesn't exist anymore as the road has been closed. If you're going towards Wrocław or Katowice, follow the directions below, just be aware that the conditions will be changing with the progress of road construction.

Get tram 7, or 9 from the city centre e.g Aleje Jerozolimskie, Warszawa Centralna (Main Train Station), Centrum (Warsaw Metro station) going in the direction of P+R Aleja Krakowska and get off at the last stop. Then, take bus 703, 733 or 711. Look for a good hitching spot from the bus stop called "Paszków". The bus will use a service road pararell to the highway. As for November 2015, the traffic is redirected onto the service road just after "Paszków" bus stop due to construction works, making it a perfect spot. If you don't find any good spot before the town of Nadarzyn, get off at "Poniatowskiego" (703) or "Warszawska" (711) and walk ~500m to the main highway. The spot shouldn't be too bad. If you're on 733 you're luckier - it continues past Nadarzyn, get off at "Rusiec" or "Urzut". The whole journey takes about 1h from the city centre. There should be a gas station about 25kms past Nadarzyn, so if you're driver is not going in the desired direction, you can get of there and find someone to take you where you're going. For updated public transport information, check jakdojade.pl [1]

North and northwest towards Gdańsk 7 E 77, Olsztyn 51 and Toruń, Bydgoszcz 10

Spot to Wrocław (in front of Festo building)

A good place to hitch from near the bus stop Dzierżoniowska(you need to press STOP for that busstop). To get here, either take bus 114 from metro Młociny in the direction Młociny-UKSW, or take bus 181 from the metro station Plac Wilson in the direction Cmentarz Północny. Once you get off the bus at Dzierżoniowska, you can see the main road going north and there are several places to stand Best is traficlights next to McDonald).

Northeast towards Białystok, Kaunas (Lithuania) S8 E 67

Update 26th July 2018: Highway S8 in and around Warsaw is now complete and open for traffic

Option #1 - MOP Małopole rest area on S8 highway - you can get there from Warsaw by bus till Wyzskow bus stop. Bus departs from Dworzec Wilenski stops 100 metres after rest area, ride time is about 1:30 hours

Option #2 - Go to the metro station Dworzec Wileński and from there take bus 738. Get off at the bus stop Wolności or bus stop Wiejska. Walk north from bus stop Wolności (or south from bus stop Wiejska) towards the junction of Piłsudskiego and the S8. At the start of the on-ramp for the S8 is a bus stop where cars can pull into.

In worst case you can try to get ride to MOP Małopole on S8 highway

Option #3 - Also you can get out from bus 738 at bus stop Cmentarz and walk back and a bit forward on road 8 / 629 towards Bialystok after some disctance this road joins a S8 highway.

In worst case you can try to get ride to MOP Małopole on S8 highway

Also there are some small lakes and nice place to camp overnight

Option #4 (test option) - Roundbout S8 / national road 631 on ramp - bus 738 till Marki Szkolna and change to bus L43 till Sowinskiego and walk to aleja Jozefa Pilsudskiego (its same road as national road 631)

Southeast towards Lublin, Lviv (Ukraine) 17 E 372

From Central Railway Station (Dworzec Centralny') get on tram 9, 24 direction Gocławek and get off at Plac Szembeka stop, from there, go trough the street, and bus stop in this same direction (east) is on the second side of the street. Get bus 704, 720, 722, 730 and get off at the Szosa Lubelska. Hitch right from the bus stop at Szosa Lubelska street.

Or from Central Railway Station (Dworzec Centralny') or from metro station Politechnika, take bus 502 to the last station, Stara Miłosna. From here walk to the intersection Szosa Brzeska, then turn right and walk 500 m to the aforementioned stop Szosa Lubelska.

Wał Miedzyszynski - Bronowska Street intersection is also quite a good spot.

East towards Siedlce, Brest (Belarus) 2 E 30

Get to the station Szosa Lubelska (see above). Try to hitch right from the bus stop at Szosa Brzeska.

Money-saving Tips

Internet cafe for free: at the Univerisity of Warsaw main campus (adress: Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28) there is situated free of charge internet cafe for students, but none will check your ID. Internet cafe is located in old library building vis a vis main entrance on the 2nd floor. It is open from 08:15 to 20:45. Please be polite:)


Wild camping with tents next to Vysla river and not far from Central bus station/railway - go to Świętokrzyski Bridge cross it and turn left on the first road Wybrzeże Szczecińskie. Walk one minute and you will spot downhill to side of river with the flat land and small hill with big tree camp on opposite side of the tree. Thats nice place noone see you from the road above. Also its on the other side of bus station Most Świętokrzyski 03 (buses 102, 162, N14, N64 stops here)

Also a Vistula riverbank there looks promising for tent camping

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There are several large squats in Warsaw. You will find the Skłot Przychodnia on Skorupki 6. There's another one called Serena.

You can swim in Lake Czerniakowskie, Dziekanowskie Lake, Zegrzyńskie Lake

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