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<map lat='45.79338211440398' lng='15.970001220703125' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/> Zagreb is the capital of Croatia.

Hitching Out

Direction Karlovac Rijeka and Split, Dalmacija

File:Zagreb t0ma5.jpg
Street that leads to Lučko pay toll

To get Lučko ramp (pay toll) on highway you have to catch tram numbers 4, 14, 17... Then by tram you have to come to "Savski most" stop. Its bus terminal where you can go to buses number 111 and 132. These buses drive to Lučko, get off at the 4th stop (15 min ride approx.) or ask the driver to tell you where, if nobody ask for one stop you wont be able to count it because the bus wont stop there. Once you get off you will see 2 streets, a small one very close to you and a big one a bit further that looks like it leads to the highway but it doesn't, take the small street till the end and you will find the highway. If you are going to Dalmacia (Zadar, Split, etc.) don't take rides to Rijeka because is a bit out of your way. Car plates for each city: Rijeka (RI) Zadar (ZD) Split (ST). It should be very easy to get a ride from there :)

Direction Slavonski Brod, Belgrade and Bosnia

You have two solutions for these destinations. First is to get the bus on one of the main bus terminals in Zagreb. The name of that terminal is Kvatrić or Kvaternikov Trg (square), its near center of Zagreb. Then you have to get on bus number 216 and 276 which rides you to Ivanja Reka or the main ramp on the highway. Of course ask the bus driver to leave you in Ivanja Reka* and after that you have 20 min of walk through some fields. But dont worry, its a delightful walk haha. After you reach the ramp you can easy get rides directly to border with Serbia, Belgrade and the border with Bosnia. Second solution is to get the tram number 2, 3 and 13 to Savišće or Žitnjak. On the last stop come down and then walk for about 15 min to the highway. On the highway is a bus stop sign and there you can easy hitchhike to ramp in Ivanja Reka or you can even stop cars who are going to Belgrade and Bosnia. Ask the locals for extra tips and explanations... nuclearphyllis' local experts took us to the first toll plaza on the zagreb-belgrade highway, even though it was illegal to hitchhike from there. we weren't troubled and got a ride in under 10 minutes.

  • Or even better than going to Ivanja Reka is going to Dumovec (bus 276), a stop after Ivanja Reka. Gets you closer to the tolls, but you have to jump over a fence, which is really not a problem. So, get off in Dumovec, walk back a bit from the right side of the road you will see a path going towards highway, follow it till you get to the fence, jump over and from there you have about 1,5km of walking to tolls.

Direction Ljubljana, Austria, Novo Mesto

Take tram number 5 or 17 from the center of Zagreb towards the end station Precko. Notice that the ride takes a lot of time, 45 minutes atleast. In Precko you will see on your left as you exit the tram, a street that turns right. Take this street and walk 5 min. till you get to the main street, Ljubljanska Avenija (also called Zagrebacka Avenija). Cross the this street in front of Konzum supermarket and turn left, you will see a small bus station and it's best to hitchhike from there with a SLO sign. Don't take rides that don't take you atleast till the border - There is no good places to hitchhike further down the road. From the border crossing itself it's relativly easy to get a good ride, even as far as to Austria.

North, direction Maribor, Vienna

From the main bus center in Crnomerec, there are buses to the main road, out of the city. For example, number 119 goes parallel to the road to Maribor (then you just cross the railways), number 122 goes on the road to Maribor. I got a really hard time getting a long ride from there, though. Prefer the old road ("stary put") to the highway, where it s forbidden to hitch on the side of the road, and where there doesnt seem to be many petrol stations...