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Ede is a city in the Netherlands.

Hitching out

The A12 motorway (to Utrecht and Arnhem) lies just south of Ede. From the A12 on the west side of town, the A30 branches off North (toward Amersfoort). For Amsterdam you can use either route.

There is a BP gas station near the onramps of the A12, on the southern edge of town. The street is called Willem Dreeslaan. Everybody here goes to the motorway. You can ask people here where they are going. There is also room for standing with a sign.

To get to the BP station, you can take bus 88 from the trainstation to the hospital (Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei). Continue walking in the direction of the bus, and turn left after the barriers. You´ll see the petrol station at your left at the next intersection.

If you're headed east, there is a gas station 'Buunderkamp' on the A12 motorway, right before Arnhem. To the west, there is a big service station near Veenendaal.