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Elements and main ideas

The Euroadtrip2012 Project was a European hitchhiking project which has taken place in August and September 2012. The main idea of this project was to combine the elements hitchhiking together in a big group, doing street arts, raising funds for social projects and filming a documentary about all that. Unlike as in many other hitchhiking projects a competition was not an element, rather the organizers were focusing the mutual travel experiences.

The slogan was Thumbs up for a better world.

During the two months trip the route led the approximately 20 participants from 10 different nations to 17 places in 13 countries (starting in Turkey/Istanbul through the countries Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Germany/Berlin as the final destination).


The project was organized by two exchange students from Italy and Germany during their stay in Istanbul. During making up the project they got help and advice among other of the creators of the Tramprennen Project. Inspired by a hitchhiking race that took part in 2010 from Zagreb to Istanbul and back the creators wanted to make up something similar to this. The Euroadtrip2012 project in this form will be a unique project which will be repeated under a different name.


During this trip the participants made around a 5000km hitchhiking and the total amount funds that have been raised was a 2700 Euros ($ 3650). An important part of this money could be gained through a video competition that the Euroadtrip2012 project took part in and won the first prize there. But also private donators and street art performances by the participants brought in some funds. All money had been forwarded to two different social projects in Europe. Furthermore there have been made more than 10 paintings in various locations which was one of the identifying feature throughout the project.

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