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This page is a central dump for the organization of the 2015 hitchgathering.

Discussion happens at the mailing list.

Location for 2015 is going to be near Saint Laurent du Pape, Ardèche, South-east France. GPS coordinates: 44.821441, 4.755558

We are 15 kilometers from the nearest motorway exit, A7 exit 17 (Loriol) between Valence Sud and Montélimar Nord. We are also 15 km from the service station “Aire de Portes les Valence” on the A7, between Valence Sud and Loriol.

More hints how to get to the gathering on the main page http://hitchgathering.org/ !!

This is a wiki. You see something that's wrong, edit. You think something is missing, edit.

On site logistics

To Do

  • Dig shit pits (Really? I remember someone saying that there are dry toilets on site)
  • Set up a fireplace.
  • Talk to local businesses about sharing their trash.
  • Find big cooking pots and gear, bring onsite.
  • Put up direction signs from the motorway exit.
  • Check with our hosts whether we can buy some of the food they produce. Otherwise check with surrounding producers (just go to the local market and ask around the stalls).

To have

  • Shovels (borrow from farm?)
  • At least 2 big cooking pot(s) at least (borrow from farm?)
  • Rope
  • A couple of rolls big plastic bags (not the massive ones, 30-50L is easier to carry out).
  • Bunch of soap-bars for toilets
  • Empty plastic bottles (esp. the big ones)
  • First aid kit
  • Paper, pens, markers, tape, (black)boards
  • Food in all sorts. Basic stuff like salt, oil, spices,



The website


It's a presentation site that is meant to explain the concept to the newcomer and an online window to the outer world. It's secondary purpose is to store the stuff from previous gatherings.

Needs graphics. Join the mailing list to help.

It's got Piwik and SEO plugin. Anyone feels like optimizing?

Any chance we can have it in French too? -- Sitarane (talk) 23:35, 26 May 2015 (CEST)

The facebook

There's an event already. What else?




List here your favourite travel blogger, Maybe if we tell them, they'll write about it.

Daqui ali




To put up at HH spots, on your abandoned signs... wherever. Print-at-home type. We just need a design.


Print at home, leave in relevant spot in your city.

Press release

Something we can spam the french media with a few weeks before. Needs to be in French. Will be hosted on the website.


You'll find here the content that used to be on this page, but lost its relevancy.

Hitchgathering/2015/Location suggestions

Pre and Post Gatherings

Post Gathering in Mols (Denmark) 10/08 - 16/08

Location : http://udinaturen.dk/facilitet/Helgen%C3%A6s--Dragsmur/1514

Plenty of dumpsters around, easy hitchhiking, sea, wind and hopefully sun :D