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Kamnik is a city in Slovenia, 23 km north of Ljubljana. It lays beneath the mountain range of Kamniško-Savinske Alps and beside the Kamniška Bistrica river. It is a medival town first mentioned in the year 1061. It got its town rights in year cca. 1220. You will find Kamnik enjoyable for a day walk around the old town and its 3 castles that are in foot range around its city center. Kamnik is usually a starting point for hikers and climbers to its near mountain range. In the hot summer time it would be advisable to visit the source of Kamniška Bistrica up the north in the forest.

Hitchhiking out

Hitchhiking out in the direction to Ljubljana is easy. The main hitchhiking spot is located on the bus station of the main road at the big crossroad of Šolska street and Novi trg.

Hitchhiking place in Kamnik.
Picture of hitchhiking place described in "hitchhiking out" in Kamnik towards Ljubljana


Hitchhiking in

Hitchiking into the city is easy, from Ljubljana it is most feasable from the bus station #. 18 and 13 called Štajerska on Štajerska cesta near stadium Stožice.

Hitchhiking place in Ljubljana.
Picture of hitchhiking place described in "hitchhiking in" in Ljubljana towards Kamnik


Places to avoid

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