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Flag of Netherlands
Flag Limburg.png
Population: 117,548
Major roads: A2, A79
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Maastricht is the most southern city of the Netherlands, located in the province of Limburg.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Eindhoven (A2) E 25, east towards Heerlen, Aachen (Germany) (A79)

See below, under East towards Gulpen, Aachen (N278) for an alternate route. The construction along here in 2016 is crazy.

There was a liftershalte, a special spot for hitchhiking, at the beginning of the A2 near the soccer stadium De Geusselt (Viaductweg x N2/A2). With the upgrade of the N2 to A2 this liftershalte was removed.

1. Onramp N2 "Maastricht-Centrum Noord" at the west end of Terblijterweg; can be reached on foot from Stadionplein. Hard shoulder. NEWlocation since approx. January 2018.

Tmoon hitching out of Maastricht

2. NOT ACCESSIBLE ANYMORE: Since the roadworks on the Maastricht Ring the cars that are bound to the A2 have a seperate road without room to pull over and don't stop at the traffic light anymore. Crossroad Meerssenerweg / Viaductweg where you can ask rides at the traffic lights. Personal experience of Fverhart: works but not all traffic goes the A2. Sign A2 or A79 / Heerlen can help. Roaming Pencil always waits here for at least an hour, whether she's hitchhiking north or west, but eventually it works.

3. Onramp A2 "Maastricht-Randwyck" or usually better, just before this onramp on the bridge over the A2. Hard shoulder. Sign A2 for going north, Heerlen for going east. Bus 1 and 2 (direction De Heeg) stop nearby at busstop Oeslingerbaan/Langendaal. Personal experience of Fverhart: An average wait of 20 minutes, a sign A2 or A79 / Heerlen helps. Police may send you away here. Easiest way to get on the bridge is from BP petrol station walk behind the safety rail along Oeslingerbaan.

4. New access lane of the A2-motorway on the junction Kruisdonk, near Rothem. Hard shoulder. Bus line 59 or 159 until busstop "Kruispunt" in Rothem, then walk south along Ambyerweg / cycling path for 500 meters. Personal experience of Fverhart: despite a lot of space on the access lane waiting times rather long. You can approach cars at the traffic light at the exit lane, many of them are crossing the road and driving up the A2. Everybody can take you to the next petrol station.

5. Hitchhiking north through Belgium - somewhere along Brusselseweg. Aim for Maasmechelen - if you reach the N78, it goes back into the Netherlands and meets the A2/E25.
Generally, if you are heading for Germany passing by or going to Aachen you should aim for a ride to Heerlen, where you can hitchhike again on the N281 towards Aachen. Standing on the motorway junction just before Heerlen should be avoided, because it is not allowed to stand there.

When heading north (A2 and/or A73) it's allright to start with a simple "A2" sign. A great onramp to find a next ride is A2 exit Urmond (taken also by all drivers heading for Sittard). A sign again won't be of help there as drivers are bound for Roermond or Eindhoven there (and all could drop you at the upcoming service stations, A2 Shell Swentibold or A2 Esso Bosserhof).


At the crossing of "Nieuwe Limmelderweg" and A79 there is an onramp very suitable for hitchhiking due to great visibility. Tzuiop waited three times no longer than 15 minutes (all early in the morning 8-10AM) Many people who work at Heerlen companies like Brightlands and APB commute. Cons: 4.7km from the city center. Link to the spot:

Tmoon hitching out of Maastricht

East towards Gulpen, Aachen (N278/"Cadier en Keer")

Take the bus #53 or #54 from the center towards Akersteenweg. At this bus stop you'll find a petrol station[1]. There you can try to get a lift towards Aachen in Germany. You might have to get a few lifts, village to village, along the N278 aka "Cadier en Keer", but you shouldn't ever have to wait very long. Usually a lift to at least Vaals, which is right before the border and Aachen, is possible. Towards Aachen it may be quicker to go via Heerlen.

South towards Liege (A2) E 25

Follow the rail track from the central station out of the town in a southern direction from the backside exit (use the bridge over the rails). At the first rail/road crossing south of the station hike on over the cycling path and later, still by the side of the railway, over Sint Gerardusweg. Follow this way until the end, thus you walk under a bridge (John F. Kennedysingel). This is the junction Europaplein. Keep walking 100 meters ahead to the motorway ramp. Average wait is about 10 minutes, max. 30 minutes. Longer rides are not common. Petrol station between Maastricht and Liège (still in the Netherlands) is not very busy, but can give longer rides into France. Knowing the good spots in Liège to hitch-hike is a good idea.

West towards Hasselt, Antwerpen, Leuven, Brussels (Belgian N2)

Best place towards Hasselt is at or just after the traffic lights at the crossing of Via Regia and Canteleerstraat, the first crossing after the traffic square Via Regia. Expect short rides to Veldwezelt, Mopertingen and Bilzen. You will reach the motorway at Diepenbeek or Bilzen, where you can easily get further. All the motorway access lanes in Hasselt are suitable for either Brussels or Antwerpen. Personal experience of [[User:Fverhart|Fverhart]: Average wait of about 10 minutes and you should accept every ride that takes you further on the Belgian N2. Just before Bilzen you can hitch-hike at the roundabout towards Hasselt and further into Belgium.

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