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Nîmes is a town in the south of France, very close to Montpellier.

There are two entrances to highway A9. One is south-west of Nimes and the best bus station is Lionceau on the line 11 (quite good to HH towards Montpellier and Toulouse).

The second is east of Nimes and the best bus station is La Ponche (quite good to HH towards Lyon).

Hitching out

East towards Orange, Avignon, Lyon

You can take the bus at the train station (stop: Gare Routière) n° 21 or 22 (Tangobus) or B21, B25 (Edgard) There are not so many so check the timetables! You have two options.

  • from the stop La Plonche, you continue to walk and you arrive to a small toll. Quite good spot.
  • from the next stop Magellan, you go back to the roundabout in the direction of the road Poulx and you will see the gas station (which is on the highway) on your left just before a bridge.

West towards Montpellier, Toulouse, Spain

Take the bus 5 (Tangobus, from the front of the train station), C32, C35 (Edgard, from the back of the train station) for 1,60€ towards "Carremeau" and go down at "Lionceau" which is located under a bridge [1]. Take the small path behind the bus stop to go on the bridge and continue down until a roundabout (there is a big "Carrefour" shopping center on the left). Take straight at the roundabout and you'll be at the toll. The best spot is before the "No pedestrian" sign [2].

South towards Arles, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence

Take "tram-bus" T1 towards "A54-Caissargues" and go down at the last stop. The entrance of the motorway is on the left next to a big parking.

Nomadwiki & Trashwiki

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