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Flag of Poland
Coat of arms of Greater Poland (Voivodeship).png
Greater Poland (Voivodeship)
Population: 557 264
Licence plate: PO, PZ
Major roads: A 2S 5, S 11
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Poznań is a city in western Poland.

Hitchhiking out

Despite the fact that hitchhiking works great in Poland, getting out of a city can be a pain and Poznań is the best example for this. It is much more recommended to go to the toll plaza, but of course it can take some minutes longer than going to Głogowska street.

West towards Berlin (Germany A 2 E 30 92)

Option 1 Toll plaza Gołuski (polish name bramki Goluski)

Go to Ogrody (last stop of trams 2, 7, 17, 18 and many buses) and take suburban bus no. 718 (route, timetables) or 719 (route, poznan.pl/network/timetables/#/kierunki/ZUK/linia/719 timetables). The bus stop in Ogrody is on the other side of the street when you get off the tram. Get out in Dopiewiec. The ride takes about 40 minutes. From there walk for about 2 km south and then just jump over the fence (before the police station) to get on the parking after the toll. Here's the route.

Alternatively you can get to the toll plaza with a local train and a walk of 4 km. Take a local train (KM/REG) from Poznań Główny (central station) to Zbąszynek or Zielona Góra and get out after 12 or 14 minutes in Palędzie. From the station walk along the railway on Kolejowa street (going west). At the end of the street turn left on Pocztowa. At the end of this street turn right on Ojca Mariana Zelazka. 250 meter after the last houses you turn left on an unpaved fieldroad with willow trees. This fieldroad brings you to the toll plaza.

To get in to highway territory you need to cross a highway fance!

1.5 km walk away is MOP Dopiewiec rest stop

Option 2 MOP Dopiewiec rest stop

Start like above - from Ogrody catch the (infrequent, ticket inspected) bus 729 for about an hour to Dopiewiec. Walk back East along the road for 100m or so, then South along a road (turn right (along Szkolna?) for less than a km. You'll come to the A2 motorway - before the crossing and just over a meter high fence to the West (on your right) you'll find a rest station. There are only toilets and so less traffic

Option 3 Bus stop on Głogowska street in the city / walkable option

Get to Górczyn (last stop of trams 5, 8, 14 and many buses). There are BP and AMIC Energy petrol stations down the Glogowska street / road 196 where you can ask drivers but without option to hitchike on main street. For hitchiking walk 5OO metres forward next to bus stop Wykopy there is more space for cars to stop. Get a rides at last till road toll place bramki.

A lot of local people will go to Komorniki, the first suburb of Poznań in that direction, where there are a lot of shops like Auchan (supermarket) and a McD. Dont accept that rides If you happen to be stranded on that McDonalds walk towards Seat factory there is a empty hitchabke emergency lane on same Glogowska street / road 196

From the same spot you can hitch towards Wrocław so make a sign.

If you plan to go to Germany, it is also a good possibility to catch a ride to Warszawa, get out at the toll box and change the side. Once on the motorway it will be very very easy to catch a ride to Germany because there is no big city inbetween Poznan and the border and if a car here stops for you, you can be quite sure it crosses the border.

Option 4 92 old and slower road

Go to Ogrody (last stop of trams 2, 7, 17, 18 and many buses) and take bus no. 61 direction Krzyżownik. Get out at the ninth stop called Ul. Wichrowa and walk along the road for about 300 m then you will see petrol station and McD's. Ask drivers there or stay on the road with sign or thumb. Also about 100 m after this place is a bus stop so it's more convenient for drivers to stop their car.

Comment by a local: It's more convenient to get off at a stop named Smochowice. You can hitch hike from there or (what i usually do) hitch until the bus 01 (going through Sady, don't mess it up!) arrives. Get on the bus, buy a ticket to Tarnowo and get off after you pass Sady. It's probably the 2nd stop after Sady, as far as i know the name is Marianowo (i'm not 100% sure about it though). You will notice it since it's a perfect place to hitch-hike: there are 2 lanes instead of 3, you are visible from a far distance and there is a lot of space for a car to stop. On your left side there will be a forest, on the right side there are few houses, in front of you there will be a board which indicates, that it's the road towards the PL - D boarder.

East towards Łódź, Warszawa A 2 E 30

Option 1 Toll plaza Gołuski

See direction Berlin, then just go to the other side of the motorway.

Option 2 Junction Poznań Luboń

In the city centre, just in front of the castle there's a bus stop called Zamek. From there take a bus 71 in the direction Osiedle Dębina and get off at the end. Go along the main road till you get to the motorway junction. You can ask at the red lights for a lift to the nearest petrol station on A2 (MOP Krzyżowniki), which is just before the junction Poznań Wschód (exit for S5 towards Gniezno). Ask: stacja benzynowa A2 (pronounce statsya benzenova ah dva).

Option 3 Petrol station on Warszawska street

From city center take trams 6 or 8 to Miłostowo and get out at the last stop. From there walk along the road about 100 m and you will see Orlen petrol station. You can either ask drivers at the station or hitch at the end of it where is a place for cars to pull over.

Optionally you can walk along the same road and after 200-300m you will see a bridge and Volkswagen factory. Hitch straight after the bridge on the bus stop (there is plenty of cars and trucks who are going by inner bypass around Poznan, so many of them are going for a longer distances, and you may avoid local traffic like it's possible at the first place mentioned).

Northeast towards Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Gdańsk 5 E 261

Take bus no. 73 direction Janikowo/Ogrodnicza from place called Rondo Sródka and get out after 11 stops (about 15-18 minutes) at bus stop called Bogucin Bałtycka. Hitch on this bus stop, it's on the road to Gniezno, Bydgoszcz and Gdańsk just after junction with Poznań bypass. You should notice railways nearby and crossed Poznań sign (end of the city zone). Notice that if your driver goes to Gnizeno, make sure you exit before the city, since the road becomes a motorway inside the city and there is no good spot to be found. UPDATE: If going north, e.g. to Gdańsk and your driver continues straight ahead to Gnizeno, ask to be let out just before the big new highway crossing to the west of Gnizeno. There is a bus stop where even trucks can stop, whereas the crossing itself is not very busy and the cars go much to fast.

North towards Piła, Koszalin 11

From city centre e.g. Rondo Kaponiera take tram 9, 11 to Piątkowska and get out at the last stop. From there go north along Piątkowska street to the first junction, then turn west (left) and go to roundabout Rondo Obornicka. On roundabout turn north again (right) and enter national road no. 11 (you will see hipermarket Carrefour next to you). You can hitch after roundabout or anywhere along Obornicka street where is a place to pull over. There's almost always traffic jam, so cars go slowly, which helps hitchhikers.

Northwest towards Gorzów Wielkopolski, Szczecin 92

See direction Berlin by national road 92 as it's the same spot.

South and southwest towards Wrocław 5 E 261 and Zielona Góra 32

Option 1 From bus stop on Głogowska street

See direction Berlin by motorway A2, from Głogowska street as it's the same spot.

Option 2 From the village of Szreniawa

Get to Górczyn (last stop of trams 5, 8, 14 and many buses). Then take a bus 703 to the station AFTER Szreniawa (aproximatelly 25 min by bus from Górczyn). After getting off you can easily catch a car in the direction of Leszno, Wrocław. Get off the bus, walk back a few meters, turn right and walk down the path for about 200m to a bus stop where you can hitch.

Southeast towards Ostrów Wielkopolski, Katowice 11

See direction Warszawa by motorway A2, from behind roundabout Rataje, as it's the same spot.

Public Transport

The city has efficient public transport system with daytime trams and buses operating from 5.00 till 23.00 and nighttime buses and one tram running every half an hour. In Poznań you can not buy tickets at the driver, you can get them in newsagents (kiosk) and grocery shops, and there is more and more ticket machines on the stops. Some buses and most of the trams has ticket machines inside the vehicle and you can buy ticket there. Drivers don't care if you have a ticket and all the doors are open on stops, but there are controllers checking tickets from time to time. They can be tricky. Use casual dress and wait when bus or tram start its way and check ticket when you don't have chance to go out. Sometimes they are waiting to see someone not buying validating ticket to start their control trying to get at least one person on surprise. There is a good website showing you how to get from one point to another by public transport in major Polish cities.


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