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==== Next dumpsters: ? ====
=== Organizing======= Questions/Questions local research ==== 
A.P. on the mailing list proposed to ask questions to locals since someone they know lives nearby. Rom. will be there around mid-July. Also, [[User:Swaden]] will get there around June 10th to ask questions and possibly bring some stuff.
* Borrowing bicycles?
* What are the busiest roads? General tips for getting there by hitchhiking
* Is there cooking gear to borrow (or even a kitchen) ? Are there drinking water, toilets or even showers ?
* How is electricity ? Do we receive cellular network and is there WiFi or Internet ?
* Corona border situation from a local POV?
* What about this 50 people limit? How flexible is it? Is there a backup plan nearby?
* Do we need to bring tools?
* How is the general infrastructure ? ==== what we have ====* drinking water* firewood* wood for construction ==== what we need ====* food* boats, scuba gear and a plan for building a raft for the river :-) ==== things you can bring ====Games, instruments, tools, * [[User:Tobias|Tobias]] ([[User talk:Tobias|talk]]) migh be able to bring an inflatable island and a 12v/5v water turbine
=== Activities ===

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