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Though the official language of [ Moldova] is called ''Moldovan'', it is really Romanian, identical to the Romanian spoken in [[Romania]]. Romanian language origins can be traced from the Latin language, so if you get to know any romanic language like French, Italian or Spanish you can communicate with people at a basic level. Also the majority of people understand and speak Russian as well.
== Border Crossing==
Travelers from the [[US]], [[EU]], [[Norway]], [[Iceland]], [[Canada]], [[Russia]], [[Switzerland]] and [[Japan]] do not require [ visa] for entering Moldova. They are allowed to stay up to 90 days without visa and registration.
While entering '''Moldova''', you could face some problems when you entered from Ukraine via the autonomous [[Transnistria]] region. The Transnistrian border is not controlled by Moldovan authorities, which means you won't get an entry stamp when entering Moldova here. This can cause a lot of problems when leaving Moldova via other border checkpoint than Transnistrian.
===From/Into [[Ukraine]]===
* '''South-East''': If you are traveling e.g. from [[Odesa]] into [[Moldova]], best option is to take the Ukrainian M-15 motorway south-west and cross borders at the [[Palanca-Maiaky border crossing]]. From the border, you could already try to get rides directly to [[Chişinău]] or further. Walking over the border checkpoint is no problem, just keep in mind that you have to walk 3 km from the Ukrainian to the Moldovan side, so best is to hitch a ride just after the first checkpoint towards the next.
* '''North-West''': When traveling from '''Moldova''' towards [[Ivano-Frankivsk]] or [[Lviv]], you have two border crossings to choose. Best option could be to hitchhike via [[Edineț]], [[Briceni]] towards [[Lipcani]] and to take the [[Criva-Mamalyha border crossing]]. Walking over by foot is no problem there.
===From/Into [[Romania]]===
* [[Galaţi-Giugiuleşti border crossing‎]] is the southernmost border-crossing, located in the Danube Delta. It is only three kilometers from the nearest crossing into Ukraine.
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