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Picking up hitchhikers

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Bus stops are convenient places to stop. Motorway on-ramps can be more tricky, but are similar.
== [[Petrol station hitchhiking|Petrol station]] ==
Many hitchhikers prefer to ask drivers at petrol station. This gives both hitchhikers as well as drivers more time to think.
Generally, though, hitchhikers prefer the truth and can handle it. The same goes for hitchhikers who chat you up at a service station - most of them have had so many talks of this kind that they can smell a lie from miles away. Don't insult them by lying to them!
In case you want to leave a hitchhiker it's best if you leave them at a spot that will allow them to continue their journey easily, such as a [[petrol station hitchhiking|gas station]] on the highway or an highway [[on-ramp]] that is getting some traffic. Like this the hitchhiker will be much less upset than when you leave them at a terrible spot (e.g. side of the highway).
== More information ==
* [ 'Why do people pick up hitchhikers?'] An article at [ Digihitch]
* A story written by a driver in the [[United States of America|USA]] and who see hitchhikers every day. He made some rules for himself. For an experienced hitchhiker-traveler they might sound funny, but it gives you a nice look in the mind of someone who picks up hitchhikers on a daily basis. "Every morning and evening, I see people hitchhiking on the 602 to get to Gallup and back." [ link]
* Stop & Wander, a Girl’s Guide to Picking up Hitchhikers []. "When I see someone standing by the side of the road, trying to flag down a ride, I get curious."
* A journey of two months, two french hitchhikers traveled around eastern europe. Easy to translate with Google© [].

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