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You can also take regional bus to Baltezers. Those are busses 6821, 6822, 6824. You can catch them at ''Merķeļa iela'' stop whitch is near Riga circus. There are no signs mentioning those buses, but it is the stop which is the closest to central train station. Price of this bus is 1.10 euros to Baltezers. If you are going North this is the best option since this allows you to avoid all the struggle mentioned above and get directly on the right way. And this is also cheaper then using Riga public transport network.
You can check this bus operator website [ here].
A viable option is to take the regional train to Saulkrasti from the Main Railway Station. It takes an hour to get there and the ticket costs about 2,5 euros. When you reach the railway station at Saulkrasti, walk right across the tracks. Find a gravel path leading past some fenced off building which looks like a generator. The path leads onto a road that overpasses E67 Via Baltica. You can hitchhike on the access ramp, but do so behind the safety rail, as cars pass by quite fast. It takes about 15 minutes to get there from the station. (taken from hitchbase, tried, and improved the description)

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