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==== Option 3: Motorway junction at Zličín ====
Take metro line B (yellow) to the terminal station "''Zličín"''. Go under the road Řevnická and turn immediately left. Continue south along Řevnická for 150m to the crossroads with traffic lights. You can stand right at the triangle down on Rozvadovská spojka (police can kick you out) or ask people at the nearby petrol station, KFC, or parking lots. None of these places are good (Options 1 and 2 are better).
=== Southeast towards [[Brno]], [[Ostrava]], [[Bratislava]], [[Vienna]], [[Kraków]] {{Dcz|1}}{{E|50}}{{E|59}}{{E|65}} <br />& South towards [[České Budějovice]], [[Linz]] {{Dcz|3}}{{E|55}} ===

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