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It's good to have a sign at this road and definitely for direction south. Every bigger petrol station on [[D1 (CZ)|D1]] is good for hitchhiking.
==== Option 1: Motorway service station on E65 ====
Take metro line C (red) to "''Chodov"''. There is big shopping centre; try not to get lost there and find the road "Roztylská" going through it. Go to the traffic lights at the northern end of this tunnel and continue by following bike path (northwest) (yellow signs with "Záběhlice" and/or "Chodovec" written). After 700m700 m, you will get to the pedestrian/bike bridge over the motorway. Use the staircase at the beginning of the bridge to get down to the petrol station.<br />
Alternatively, you can stay past the station exit at the end of the left lane, on the left side of the road.
Easily reachable petrol station, not a lot of traffic though. Good in bad-weather or snow conditions.

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