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== Hitchhiking in ==
London has a motorway ring-road, the [[M25 (GB)|M25]]. So if your lift isn't going directly into London, it will probably be going on this ring road. There are a few places close to the M25 where you can get out and onto the London Transport network. Of course, it all depends upon what part of London you need to go, and if it's worth trying to hitch into London from the last services on your motorway before the M25.
If you are coming from the west and your driver is heading south on the M25, ask to let be dropped off at the first junction on the M25: Heathrow Terminal 5. Get off at the roundabout at the end of the motorway spur and walk to the terminal building. The Piccadilly Line Underground starts here. If they are heading north, see the description for getting to Uxbridge Underground station below.<br/ >
If you are coming from the southeast on the M20, ask to be dropped off at the A20/M20/M25 roundabout. From here you can take the B2173 road 2km to Swanley train station. Alternatively, if they are heading further north, get dropped off at the M25/A12 junction and walk ≈3km west to Harold Wood station.<br/ >
If you're coming from the north and your driver is heading towards the M4/M3 direction, try to persuade them to do a slight detour off the M25 to junction 1 of the M40 (roundabout with A40). From there, it's a ≈2km walk to Uxbridge Underground station. Otherwise, get off at the last services (Toddington) before the M25 and look for a lift going inside the ring road.<br/ >

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