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Sorry to the editors about the iframes - I couldn't get them interpretated as html.

I hope you don't mind if i leave them like that for now. Please get in touch with me about changing them, and then I'll know for the future.

Thanks for the great site. Happy hitching..

Hey International Bob, thanks for the information on Lille! If you want to add maps, it's better to use It's still improving, but you can zoom to you favourite destination, add a hitchhiking spot, click on link here and copy/paste the link for hitchwiki. If you then add the link (looks like <map lat='52.22' lng='6.855' zoom='3' view='0' /> to a wiki page, the map will be displayed. :) If you want a map to be shown on the right side of an article, just add float='right' into the code. Good luck while hitchhiking, greetings platschisite, wikitalk 17:08, 16 June 2008 (CEST)
Oh, we also have a how-to on the wiki: How to add maps to articles platschisite, wikitalk 17:11, 16 June 2008 (CEST)

Going to Brussels

Where did you see place to safely pull over at Chateau Rouge ??

I walked to the border, from the last subway station to the border you have to walk something like one hour. There is not much place to walk behind the safety barrier, and sometimes there is just no safety barrier at all. And when you get to the border, the speed limitation is 70km/h but most car drive at 100km/h+. I ended up to ask a truck driver parked there. Not such a great spot, and it can be dangerous, but you can see a nice abandoned border terminal.