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Thun is a small town in Switzerland about 50 kilometres south of Bern.

Hitchhiking out

Towards the South or the North

User:Matt Stock hitched out of Thun to get further south and found a ride within 5 minutes, using the following info you can do the same:

Take bus number 3 from the train station, in the direction Allmendingen. Stop is called Burgerallee. Walk along the road in the same direction when the bus drops you off, take a left, then walk along the park until the next big intersection. Take a right there, continue to the Autobahn, cross through the two traffic circles. Then on the ramp or even from the traffic circle is an excellent spot, cars drive slow and there is plenty of room to stop. Matt got a ride through the tunnel, and later that day made it to Zermatt. It's a small town so people are more willing to pick up hitchers, though it's a rare sport in their area.

You can also go north, by using the opposite entry ramp to the Autobahn. You'll pass this scenery on the way from the bus-stop..