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I'm Blank, 18 years old, casual hitcher, USA. I started hitching a few years ago when my ride home from a concert bailed on me and I risked being stuck in Anaheim. Fortunately, some people were heading to Escondido and offered to go out of the way and drop me home. Ever since, hitching and bike riding have been my main sources of transportation.

This summer, I plan on fufilling a lifelong dream and hitch all the way to the Atlantic and back, just a pack with clothes and a sleeping bag and a guitar. I'm looking for places to stay for the trip. So far, I have a few along the southern part of the US (Arizone, Texas, Georgia) and some in Kentucky and New York.

UPDATE: I'm currently slated to leave in 1 week, a kind of poetic departure on 7/7/07. Feel free to email me at [email protected], I'd be glad for any tips and perhaps places to stay.