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File:North Hiking.jpg
Hitchhiking to the Yukon. Cold!

Notapalooka aka Alyssa is a 24 year old hitchhiker from Canada. She has hitched over 50,000 km around the world, mostly in Canada and Africa. At 22 she finished university and took off hitchhiking, first a 'test-run' in Canada, and then overseas with the general idea of going everywhere. After twenty months in Africa she returned briefly to Canada to take care of an emergency, hitched from Toronto to Dawson City, Yukon, and is now Eurasia bound once again, this time heading through Turkey and Iran to Central Asia and beyond.

Blog and more: Open Destination

Personal Records

Total hitchhiking distance: Over 52,200 km

Longest wait : Full day trying to get to Inuvik and Tuktiyuktuk, NWT along ice roads - not a single vehicle passed and it was -30°C, so gave up. Also spent several weeks in the Fouta Djallon in Guinea, zero cars and few motorcycles passed, so ended up walking.

Shortest wait: no wait - just switching cars

Longest Ride (distance): outside Whitehorse, Yukon to Cache Creek, British Columbia, approximately 1500 km

Longest Ride (time): 13 days. Hitched on a train in DRC that was supposed to arrive in two days.

Top speed: 240 km/h through southern Western Sahara

Bottom speed: 4 km/h getting peddled along by an old man on a bicycle (at his insistence)

Coldest Temperature: - 44°C outside Whitehorse, Yukon in November

Hottest Temperature: + 46°C outside Tambacounda, Senegal in May

Most Interesting Rides: Either jumping into the famous Mauritanian iron ore train and ending up in the middle of the desert, or riding on the back of a motorcycle that's driver turned out to be a commander in the Ivory Coast rebel army.