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Hi, I'm PhysicsHipster, a hitchhiker from Montreal, Canada, currently based in Munich, Germany. I'm also the moderator of the Hitchhiking Subreddit. In 2019 I packed up my marker for the most part, and am working as a data scientist doing some cool ML/AI stuff. I also got married! But before that I did spend a decade hitching all over, alongside my studies. Here's the location list.

Where He's Hitched

2010 - Australia & New Zealand

2011 - Across Canada

2012 - Japan, Laos, Bhutan

2013 - Across USA

2014 - Western Europe and North Africa

2015 - Iceland, More Europe, Middle East

2016 - North India, Eastern Europe, Portugal

2017 - Italy, Macedonia+Kosovo, Central Aisa, Montenegro+Bosnia+Croatia, Netherlands

2018 - Norway (Svalbard), Sweden, UK, Uganda, More Eastern Europe

2019 - One final lift along the Amalfi Coast

I think it was a pretty good decade. By the end I'd visited 76 countries on 6 continents, of which I'd hitchhiked in 55. But those are all just numbers ;) Now I feel it's time to take a break, and look towards new things instead of just country collecting. Well, then off I go...