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Hi !

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I'm Jérôme from France, actually 29 years old, and i've been hitchhiking since i'm a teenager. At the beginning, it was just for coming back home after school, but now, it's more a way of travelling.

I did 6 big hitchhiking trips :

- 2013 - Croatia to France through Slovenia and Austria. We've been once stuck in Spittal, Austria, and got invited to stay over at someone.

- 2013-2014 -Crossing Canada two times, from east to west, then west to east. Went to the Yukon. More than 12k. Alone

- 2015 - Last minute trip to Norway to see the Fjords. Three weeks across Germany, Danemark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Amazing trip ! Been invited two times on the road by drivers.

- 2015 - Trip to the Balkans through Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Austria and Germany. A bit more than two weeks. 2 days to get to Croatia. And 1 day to go back to France from Vienna.

- 2017-2018 - Back home to France from Estonia going through Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium. Résumé ici en Français :

- 2018 - Went to Cyprus from France! Résumé ici en Français :

Smaller trips :

- 2015 - Around west Switzerland.

- 2017 - Lived In Estonia. Hitchhiked all around. Around St-Peters and Karelia in Russia

- 2017 - Going around Lapland from Rovaniemi.

- 2019 - Hitchhed a few days in England (Lake District) and Scotland. Hitched a boat for the first time!

Happy hitching !