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Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary. <map lat='47.53111102290634' lng='21.627273559570312' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />

Hitching out

Southwest/west towards Budapest, Szolnok E 573 4

Walk out of the city centre along the street Szoboszlói út until the intersection with István utca (about 2.6 km from the central square). Hitch after the intersection, at the exit of the Penny Market parking lot, in front of the sign marking the Debrecen city limits.

Northeast towards Miskolc, (SK) 35

Christopher Culver got a lift out of Debrecen by taking a long walk north on Böszörményi út until the end of the city. This is national road 35. Just before a road curves off to the east to join the M5/E79, there is a stoplight. You can hold out a sign for Miskolc and try to attract one of the drivers stopped at the light. Not the best place, but it worked.

It may be considerably easier to simply take a bus to Józsa, the first village north of Debrecen on this road. You can then stop a car going all the way to Miskolc much more easily.

If your destination is Košice in Slovakia, it is best to ask your driver to let you out outside of Miskolc at the junction near Felsõzsolca.

South towards Berettyóújfalu, Szeged E 79 47

200 m east east of the train station, there is a large junction. Walk up onto the overpass. This road is Mikeperci út, which is the start of the E79. Walk south a kilometer or so and after a stoplight you can stop cars leaving the city. If you have trouble stopping cars within the city here, you can take a bus to the shopping complex at the very end of the city and hitch there.

East towards Romania 48

National road 48 is a minor route to Romania. For most points in Transylvania, it is faster to go to Berettyóújfalu and then enter Romania at Oradea.