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1 March 2010 - 40 days left to submit your travel documentaries to the Road Junky Travel Film Festival. Make sure to be in Berlin May 28-30. This will be the biggest travellers' gathering ever organized before. Activities include workshops, discussions, conferences, films, live music, marketplace...join our community on Facebook. Check out our trailer

28 December 2009 - The organization of the third edition of the European hitchhiking festival, 6-8-10, started. The whole hitchhiking community is asked to give a voice to designate a meeting place for 2010. All relevant information can be found on the 6810 article.

20 December 2009 - Citizens of Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro can now travel visa-free to all countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement. Read more from BBC.

11 December 2009 - We now offer a hitchwiki tutorial for all fellow hitchhikers out there who are new to hitchwiki and want to share their knowledge with us, but don't know how. Check it out and get some insights in the world of editing articles and adding hitchhiking spots on hitchwiki!

9 December 2009 - Emil from Finland, age 19 was lost during his trip in Poland. Please check his photo from website or facebook-group.