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Ängelholm is a small city in Skåne, Sweden.



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I was coming up from Helsingør, over the Ferry to Helsingborg, and onto Göteborg. Unfortunately, in Helsingør, I jumped into a car without first asking where the friendly couple was stopping. It turned out to be just 20 minutes north, Ängelholm. I had a sign the whole time. After first sitting in front of the gas station (on a Saturday at about 6 PM in January) for an hour, I decided to try the roundabout. I stood by the on ramp to get onto E6/E20 North, which is also in front of the off ramp from route 13. I tried for another hour or so without luck and ended up giving up. I went to McDonald's and sat at the drive thru for 20 minutes hoping for someone stopping for some food on their way north but by then it was so late I gave up and found a place to set up my tent. The next morning I tried again on the roundabout in the same location and at the ramp closer to McDonald's. After 3 hours I gave in, walked to the train station, and bought a ticket to Halmstad. With that ticket, I black rode on past Holmstad and onto Göteborg.