Åland Islands

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Flag of Åland Islands Åland Islands
Language: Swedish
Capital: Mariehamn
Population: 27,210
Currency: Euro (€)
Hitchability: Good.png (good)
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<map lat='60.23708440981365' lng='20.25' zoom='8' view='0' country='Finland'/>

The Åland Islands (Finnish:Ahvenanmaa) are a huge bunch of sometimes really small islands between Finland and Sweden. As all roads are really small, a good spot for hitchhiking is never difficult to find. The city buses in Mariehamn are for free. The short range ferries (on which you easily can find a lift to the next one) are for free as well for foot passengers.


How to get there

The common way to get to Åland is by ferry. There are big ferries from Sweden (Stockholm, Kapellskär, Grisslehamn) and from Finland (Helsinki, Turku). They usually don't cost more than EUR 20.

Archipelago ferries

From Turku, you can also try to hitch-hike via the archipelago. You can get a map of the archipelago and the ferries at the tourist info in Turku.

According to alandstrafiken.ax, there are two possible ways from the big islands of Åland to islands with a street connection to the finish mainland via ferry for free (pay only for vehicles):

  1. North: Hummelvik − Kumlinge, Brändö − Osnäs
  2. South: Långnäs − Sottunga − Galtby

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