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Pavlikeni (Bulgarian: Павликени) is a town in the central part of North-Bulgaria.

Hitchhiking out

West, East Towards Veliko Turnovo, Sevlievo, Sofia

From the city center start a lot of streets. You need to take that one which leads south and which name is Atanas Hadjislavchev. You can start hitchhiking just before the bridge that you'll find in the end of the street. 0,5 km behind the bridge you take the left turning for the main road Sofia - Varna. It's around 20 km to that main road. When you get there left (east) of you is for direction Veliko Turnovo, Varna, Stara Zagora (go south after V.Turnovo), and to the right of you for Sofia, Sevlievo, Gabrovo.

Hitching In

From Sevlievo, Veliko Turnovo

If you are coming from the main motorway Varna-Sofia, the best option is to get off at the Pushevo crossing which is described above. If coming from the west (Sevlievo), there are in fact 2 roads going for Pavlikeni, but it's recommended to take the second one (Pushevo). It's a 10-12 km detour, but most traffic takes this route as roads are better.

From Sofia

Coming from Sofia, you have two options. Anyway, you'll take the motorway up to Botevgrad. Later it ends, and you can choose:

  • Via Pleven. This road is recommended, as there is much more traffic. Many trucks heading for Ruse take this way. Just take care not to miss the crossing for Levski, where you have to get out. It's somewhat hidden behind a small village. Good knowledge of Cyrillic could be useful. From here, hitchhike through Levski towards Pavlikeni.
  • Second option could be via Sevlievo, from there follow the information as described above. This way could cost you more time, but is also possible.

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