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[[File:Staples_corner_m1.jpg|thumb|400px|right|Hitching Spot at Staples Corner for M1]]
*This place seems to work really well. I get the bus to brent cross and then its about a 10 min walk to this spot.However, it tends to go slightly quicker if you walk 2 minutes more around the roundabout ('''Staples Corner ''West'' '''). You'll see a railway bridge, go under it and there is a bus stop beside a car repair place (the bus stop itself is near Adrian Avenue and is by the ''Western'' side of the railway bridge). It doesn't look like such a great place, but it works quite well if you have a sign (worked for [[User:Lnx|Lnx]] - a 5-minute wait in the dark!).
*This is a very good place, however one user recommends right next to the car repair center ( on the right of it )there is entrance for the M1 Motorway which is slightly going upwards before meeting the highway. You may go up and make sure to stand atleast 100 meters away from the point where cars enter on this road from the redlight behind, since they need some time to spot you and there is plenty of space for them to stop ,if you have a sign that says M1. Worked quite well on 18th Aug 2014. If you are too close to the entrance incline they will zoom past by you so ensure you walk up a bit and give them enough distance to see you and your sign.
*Important *** : If you are getting a lift from here, ensure that the driver is driving to at least the next service station (Toddington), which is approximately 50-60 miles from this spot.
*In case you are going to Edinburgh: once you are at any of the service stations on the motorway, you will find a lot of people going in that direction, i.e. going to Leeds and further. Somewhere north of Leeds, the M1 becomes the A1(M) highway; however, ensure that once you are on this highway going in the direction of Newcastle, and then Edinburgh, you do not get out at the last petrol station before Newcastle. Get out at the 2nd, 3rd or 4th last petrol station before Newcastle, but not the last one. The second last one has a huge McD and more long-distance traffic than the last one, which has a Burger King and Costa and is just a small petrol station with mostly local traffic from Newcastle coming for petrol.A hitchhiking couple got stuck here and could not find a ride for 13 hours beyond Newcastle. So the rule of thumb here is: do not get out at the last petrol station before the city, unless it is a McD. Ensure whoever is taking you drops you off only at a petrol station and not on a country road. After Newcastle, there is only one major/decent petrol station in a town called Alnwick (pronounced 'Annick'). Try finding someone who is going to Edinburgh directly from one of the earlier good McD stations.A better alternative route to Edinburgh is to take the M1, M6, A74(M), and A707; this way, you won't have to bother about McD and Newcastle.
=== North towards, [[Stevanage]], [[Peterborough]], [[East Midlands]], [[East of England|The East]], [[Newcastle]], [[North East England|The North East]] {{agb|1}} ===

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