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About me

Hey, I'm hitch-hiker from Vilnius, Lithuania.

My name is Žygimantas Markevičius.

I'm 21 years old. I'm hitchhiking from 2012-07-06.

I like designing, creating new ideas and making world a better place :)

My HH log Here you can read little bit about my HH experience, some routes are routine - Vilnius - Kaunas - Klaipeda

I don't know much about formatting wiki pages, so I'll keep it simple for now.


Currently I'm hitchhiking aorund EU.
I traveled more than 30 000km in Lithuania.
Traveled 4600km abroad (EU).
Traveled 2000km in 36 hours (fastest for me).

Traveled 2600km in three days from Kaunas, LT to Sunderland, UK. This trip was very great. First day I stopped only in two service stations at Poland, and at the end of day I ended up in service station near Hannover in 12 hours. Next day I crossed the channel, and stuck at Maidstone services. Headed back to Dover port, Bulgarian trucker stopped for me, slept in the truck (for the first time ^^) while driver stopped for the night sleep (9hours) near Canterbury. Then in 10 hours I made the rest.