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Lets discuss :)

about my Touristic trip around Europe. The Route

Your Euro trip

Impressive madness!

Realistic to do it one month?

To be quite honest, I do not think so. My longest trip was almost 13,000 km (see Prino's log and 1990 - Trip 11) and that took me 21 on-the-road days in the period from 3 July 1990 to 15 August 1990 (44 days), on one occasion spending nearly three consecutive days in cars, going from Stockholm to Gelibolu in Turkey. Add the cities where you want to stay for a longer period and add (approximate) distances you hope to cover each day, only when we see those we will be able to form a more complete picture as to what the whole trip involves.

If you look at my logs, you will see that I make a lot od two, three and on occasion four day trips, mostly into Germany. During those I am able to cover distances, of on average, around 800-1,000 km per day, but that still takes me from dawn till dusk.

Let's go to a bit of your trip:

  • Day 1: Vilnius to Helsinki, doable, did it myself in 2000, but it took us a full day.
  • Day 2: A bit of sightseeing in Helsinki, followed by a trip to Turku in the afternoon. Again, doable, but you have to make sure that you do not miss your ferry!
  • Day 3: Arrival and sightseeing in Stockholm. One day in Stockholm will greatly limit what you can see, but if you want to, so be it.
  • Day 4: Unless you're very lucky, you will spend most of the day hitching to Göteborg, as hitching in Sweden is not very easy - been there, done that (10 times)
  • Day 5: Sightseeing in Göteborg, and depart to Hamburg. You may depart, but you will never arrive that day, according to your map the S-DK ferry takes 4 hours, and it takes another four hours to drive (so probably more than six hours to hitchhike) from Fredrikshavn to Hamburg..., so realistically
  • Day 6: Cross to Frederikshavn as early as possible, spend two hours there and hope to make it to Hamburg
  • Day 7: Sightseeing in Hamburg
  • Day 8: Hamburg to Amsterdam
  • Day 9: Sightseeing in Amsterdam. As with Stockholm, this is absolutely not enough.
  • Day 10: More Amsterdam, with an afternoon departure to Brussels.
  • Day 11: Brussels sightseeing
  • Day 12: Brussels to Paris, with some initial sightseeing in Paris
  • Day 13: More sightseeing in Paris (You need at least three full days there, but let's assume that one is enough...)
  • Day 14: Paris to Bordeaux, and hopefully all the sightseeing you want to do there
  • Day 15: Bordeaux to Bilbao, and, again, hopefully all the sightseeing you want to do there
  • Day 16: Bilbao to Lisbon... Your map tells me it's 864 km, and given the fact that hitching in Spain is (usually) very slow, you will need all the four-leaf clovers, rabbit-legs and other paraphernalia associated with luck to do it in a single day, but lets assume it works out...
  • Day 17: Sightseeing in Lisbon
  • Day 18: Lisbon to Algeciras, same story as day 16, you will have to be very lucky to do it in a single day
  • Day 19: Morning in Algeciras, cross to Ceuta, have a look around there, and cross back the same evening. Silly, but doable...
  • Day 20: Algeciras to Madrid (if you're again very lucky...)
  • Day 21: Madrid sightseeing, again one day isn't enough...
  • Day 22-23-24: Madrid to Rome (Why would you want to skip Barcelona?)
  • Day 25: Sightseeing in Rome, like I mentioned many times before, absolutely not enough!
  • Day 26: Rome to Messina

And given that you've given yourself 30 days, you now have to go back, and with a bit of luck you can do Messina to Vilnius in those three days, but it will be impossible to do the stretch on the second page of your map. As for the remaining stops in Italy, Napoli and Milano? Why not Firenze and Venezia?

My € 0.02 :) Prino (talk) 10:10, 24 October 2012 (CEST)


I would like to ask all of you, what would you reccomend to take in my backpack and etc.

As I mentioned, it will my summer trip, so I want just good time. Without rush.

As I know, from school (profession), in one day truck can make about 700km. As I hope to HH regular cars, as they can go faster than trucks.

About stops. In google maps route, I eliminated smaller cities, just to make overview of all route.

I plan to print some (lot of) of the cities names, so I think it will be easier to HH cars.

Vilnius Rīga Tallinn Helsinki Turku Stockholm Göteborg Fredrikshavn GRATIS DK Aalborg Kolding Hamburg Bremen Amsterdam Paris (A10) Orléans Tours Poitiers Niort Saint-Jean-d'Angély Saintes Bordeaux >(A62) Langon >(A65) Mont de Marsan >(A65) Pau >(A64) Orthez Bayonne

Donostia (ES) Bilbao Lisboa Faro Sevilla Algeciras Ceuta Málaga Madrid Zaragoza Barcelona Perpignan Montpellier Nice Roma Reggio di Calabria Messina Palermo Napoli Milano Valenzia Wien Praha Berlin VIlnius

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