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Log of my trips

I want here to log all my trips, to count kilometrage :)



July 6. Kaunas - Klaipeda via Kelme. 4h. 246km. It was three of us, so we happily went not straight to Klaipeda. July 6 - 11. By foot via baltic seaside Klaipeda - Liepaja 101km. But it doesn't count :)
July 13. Liepaja - Ventspils 6h. 118km. Road wasn't very crowded...
July 14. Ventspils - Riga via Jelgava. 6h. 217km. Drivers said, why don't you go to Jelgava. With friend we thought - Why not :) But later our girl called from Riga, because she was lucky enough to get straight to Riga, and said: Come here quickly, there is free rock concert, so we HH to Riga.
July 17. Riga - Liepaja. 8h. 215km. It was really hard getting out of city.
July 18. Liepaja - Klaipeda. 6h. 101km. Even it was summer, there weren't lot of cars.
July 28 - 29. Gyvoliai(Near Mazeikiai) - Vilnius and back. 9h to each side 277km (~556km). It was Saturday, and I was HH to opposite direction, than cars were going (weekend - everybody go out of city).
August 23. Alytus - Bubliai via Ziezmariai 4h. 68km That was awful...

Summer total: 1521km


September 8. Vilnius - 20km from Panevezys Riga way. 3h. 162km. Was quite fast. Only with two cars.
September 14. Vilnius - Klaipeda 3h. 311km. That was really really fast
September 16 Klaipeda - Vilnius 7h. 311km. Was really really hard.
October 06. Kaunas - Vilnius. 1h 30 min. 100km. Saturday.
October 10. Vilnius - Klaipeda. 5h. 311km. It was wednesday, and a surprise to my mother, who opened an exhibition.
October 11. Klaipeda - Vilnius. 6h. 311km. Wasn't very bad.
October 12. Vilnius - Kaunas. 1h. 100km. Friday.
October 13. Kaunas - Rumsiskes. 15min. 17km. Saturday.
October 14. Rumsiskes - Vilnius. 1h. 80km. Sunday.
October 20. Vilnius - 20km from Panevezys Riga way. 5h. 162km.
October 21. Rumsiskes - Vilnius. 3h. 80km. Sunday.
October 29. Rumsiskes - Vilnius. 40min. 80km. Monday.
October 30. Vilnius - Klaipeda via Kaunas. 7h 30min. 320km. Tuesday. Got a truck after 1h of waiting, to Klaipeda via Kaunas. Stuck in Kaunas with truck, because of unloading delay (about 2h). Driver said he stopped only because of my sign (Klaipeda).
November 09. Rumsiskes - Klaipeda. 3h. 237km. Friday.
November 11. Klaipeda - Kaunas. 2h 45min. 220km. Sunday. Got a lift after one hour of waiting. Two little bit extreme ladies were driving average of 160km/h.

Autumn total: 2762km.

2012 total: 4283 km



February 14. Vilnius - Rumsiskes. 2h. 66km. Thursday.
February 16. Rumsiskes - Klaipeda. 3h. 237km. Saturday.
February 18. Klaipeda - Rumsiskes. 2h 30min. 237km. Monday. Early morning
February 19. Antakalnis - Vilnius. 2h. 56km. Tuesday. Short rides...
February 20. Vilnius - Rumsiskes. 1h 30min. 66km. Wednesday. Two cars
February 24. Rumsiskes - Vilnius. 1h. 83km. Sunday. Short rides...

Winter total 745 km


March 08. Vilnius - Kaunas 83km
March 09. Kaunas - Rumšiškės 19km
March 10. Rumšiškės - Vilnius 74km
March 15. Vilnius - Klaipėda (via Pagėgiai) 352km
March 16. Klaipėda - Kaunas 200km
March 17. Kaunas - Vilnius 98km
March 24. Rumsiskes - Klaipeda. 3h. 237km.
March 28. Rumsiskes - Vilnius. 40min . 66km.

From April 1st to 21st about 1200km
April 21. Vilnius - Klaipėda 311 km
April 23. Klaipėda - Vilnius 311 km

May 5. Vilnius - Klaipėda 311km
May 7. Klaipėda - Kaunas. 211km
May7. Kaunas - Vilnius 100 km
May 12. Rumšiškės - Kaunas 19km
May 27. Vilnius - Gyvoliai via Kryzkalnis 332km

June 4. Kaunas - Rumsiskes 16km
June 20. Rumšiškės - Vilnius 74 km.
June 21. Vilnius - Kaunas 87 km
June 21 Kaunas - Klaipėda 205 km
Spring total: 4306 km

2013 total: 5050 km


2012 total: 4283 km
2013 total: 5050 km